Copyright © 2015 Francesca Faith Martin

Dear little sister: this is me, who are you?

Dear Little Sister,

I am in my thirties. I have been your age. I was a teacher for some time and have taught your age. And I can never forget some of the moments of that time. It formed me, as it is shaping you today. When I watched my students, I saw these little moments. Moments that they probably did not see themselves, but felt very deeply. They might not even remember them but the impact scrapped along the edge of their soul. These are the moments that will define who you are, whether you like it or not. It is not so much the moments themselves, but how you respond to them that will contribute to the shape you will take.

Life is a classroom. Yes, not the classroom. Everything around you has been created by a perfect being for you to learn something. Nothing is by chance. You are exactly where you are suppose to be. For some of us, depending on our current challenge of the moment, this might be hard to accept. On the other hand, it should provide relief. You are not late. You are not early. You did not miss anything.

There are lessons for you to learn in the present moment. Some of the lessons will be as transparent as learning to tie your shoes. Others will not be, and can be overlooked easily. There is so much potential in the present moment. Take time now to pause. Stop. Stop what you are doing and thinking and look around. You just brought your world to a halt. Nothing has changed. You choosing to remain still. You are no better or worse than you feel you were a few minutes ago. The opportunities are endless right here in this moment. You can choose what to do, what to think, what your next move is. It is up to you. Right now. Kind of awesome, right?

Take time to stop yourself and listen to your own voice in this busy world, Little Sister. There are many distractions. Many different people and things pulling at your heart strings. Some are leading you where you are suppose to go. Other things are pulling you down. There is NO OTHER YOU. ANYWHERE. Not one place on the planet.


In the following, I challenge you to get to know you. The best way I know of doing this is by showing you what I have seen and how I came to know myself in my early years, and the commonalities I noticed when I watched those who come after me.

You see, as unique as we are, there are many experiences that we have in common. Like I said in the beginning. The main difference? How we respond to our environment.

Thank you for reading these letters, Little Sister. I am taking the time to speak with you. Who ever you are. I know if you have continued this far in my letter without clicking off that I have struck a cord with you. You know how I know? Because there were a few older women in my life when I was your age who I was able to sit down with, a cup of tea in hand, and have really helpful conversations.

I know some of you don’t have that – or think you don’t. So I’d like to sit down with you. Tea? Coffee? Where are we? Maybe a chic little cafe or at a homey kitchen table. You decide. I’ll be there through my writings. Take them personally if you like. I am writing to someone who I don’t know but I know they are comforted by hearing that someone else went through the same thing and it will work out if you keep hang in there and keep going.

I’m not a professional so please don’t take what I say too seriously. This is somewhere between a gossip session, suggested advice column  and a heart to heart. I’m not a shrink or anything. I am just someone who has experienced what you have and can speak of my own experience. I don’t mind sharing. I hope you can take something you may need from it.

Love and Peace in Jesus Christ,

Your Sister


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