What now: keeping the faith in face of recent legislation

Dear Christian,

The recent legislation in our country is redefining its values. The dramatic and speedy shift of values is causing large amount of fear and doubt into our hearts. Many are afraid to speak their minds in opposition to what is trending, or are unsure of what or how to explain their beliefs when questioned by others.

A priest at my church sensed this as he was speaking with people this week. He addressed the recent actions of the supreme court in his homily. Specifically, the resulting fear and confusion that seems to be in the hearts and minds of those he has been in conversation with. His advice was comforting, uplifting, and practical – definitely worth sharing.

Francesca Faith Martin Letters from your sister

Tune out the news and tune into God

Turn off the news. The devices, the videos, the noise. Its good and necessary to stay informed, but allow yourself a break from it, especially if the information that is coming at you non stop is disturbing your heart. Regain your balance. Find quiet to still yourself and focus on the Lord and live your life the best you can. Ask for His guidance. Listen. Quiet your soul and allow Him to speak to you and not the phone updates.

Read your catechism.

It is one thing to listen to others, it is another to read for your own understanding and then teach others. Refer to the catecism. Buy a copy to keep in your home. Pray that the conversations you have with others are a reflection of God’s light in the world. That they reflect His love, compassion, mercy, understanding, and truth. We need to see Him more than ever.

Deepen the roots of our understanding

The world right now is pressuring us to adapt to its standards. In the world of confusion, go back the foundation of your own beliefs. Know who you are and what you believe. You can’t explain or change what is going on outside of you. You can maintain what is within you. Strengthen your roots. It will steady you and keep you from being carried away in the frenzy always stirring in the news feeds.

Pray for understanding. Trust in God. Pray for peace in our world, and ask for it to start within our own families. Ask Him to help you be a bold in the face of the uncertainty, and steadfast in a world of chaos and distractions.

Standing steadfast and in hope,

Your sister


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