Prayers before dishes: letting prayer lead your day & the power of the Rosary

 Many times in my day I am stressed trying to do many things in a short amount of time.

It is usually the mornings I get up quickly, check my phone, run through the things I need to do in my head, rush madly through dishes and other cleaning, and try too hard to force my own agenda when I fail miserably. I am stressed and burned out before lunch. Things fall apart. nothing gets done. I end up feeling like I had a lost day when my head hits the pillow.

I have found that prayer -at any time of the day – helps me to focus on my day’s purpose. It could work at anytime of the day or in small increments throughout the day. For me, mornings seem to work best.

It is on the mornings that I wake up a bit earlier – even when I’ve only had a few hours of sleep – and pray a rosary that things tend to go more smoothly and peacefully throughout my day. Not only that, but I am much more at peace and feel like I have truly had a day of purpose. Even if some of the things I wanted to do didn’t get done, I am usually calm enough and at peace with what I DID accomplish. I am further much more in the spirit that is able to offer it up to Our Lord and give him thanks for all the blessing during the day. Reason being I moved slow enough to actually SEE t hem.

Prayers before dishes 2.jpg

The rosary is so powerful. It centers you. It reminds you that Jesus and Mary know EXACTLY how you feel because they were human, too. They had long days, joyful days, to do lists, and an incredible amount of suffering. The steps they took in their lives craved an unfathomable amount of empathy and love for the rest of us. It further reminds you the purpose of the day is not to get your agenda done, but to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind.

Saying their names in repetition as in the rosary yields an abundance of grace that can’t help but lift you up over your own steps through your day. Mother Angelica discusses the power of Jesus name and the Hail Mary here.

I just read this article by Gary Zimack via pinterest about praying the rosary well, not just rushing through it. The quality of how you say it matters. This is another factor I have noticed in my own life.

Hope this helps you to put prayers before dishes more often!

Prayers before dishes


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