Our Lady of Sorrows

I have been praying to Our Lady of Sorrows the last few weeks after learning more about the devotion through two lectures (links at the bottom).

Our Lady of Sorrows

I’ll be honest. When I first saw or heard of this devotion, the image of Mary crying made me want to turn away. I didn’t understand it, and I preferred my other images of Mary that brought me comfort. The image and idea didn’t make sense to me at the time. Only when I compared it to the crucifixion did it become clear, and I couldn’t believe I had never thought of of her sorrows in depth.

There is such richness in her story, and the beauty of which only makes Christ’s love story even more breathtakingly beautiful.

Understanding the significance

When I heard Mary’s sorrows explained, I was moved. Aside from the Rosary, it has become my main devotion.

My children are still babies, and there isn’t much time to devote to long devotions. I have found this devotion so perfect for mothers, both in practicality and in its meaning. For I see Our Lady of Sorrows specifically in context of Mary’s vocation as a mother. I can turn the most of the mundane tasks of my day into a segue to meditation of the life of Mary.

A meditation for family life and model of motherhood 

Though I relate specifically to this devotion as a mother, it truly is a devotion for all with trials, everyone. Its a second crucifixion that happened along side of Christ, and all of our lives are small mirrors of his life and suffering.

The trials and tribulations of motherhood help us to grow as we guide our own children. They grow into themselves and we grow out of ourselves by taking care of them. 

We should not let any of these moments of sacrifice go to waste, and offer them up as our prayers for the day for our intentions.

Our Lady was in a constant state of prayer in all she did in her life and she can show us how to make daily tasks into prayers more perfectly. *** Side note: I reviewed an excellent talk on feminity and the dignity of woman here…

Within Mary’s motherhood was a crucifixion mirroring that of her son. The most beautiful part to me is the fact that she was able to keep God’s joy perfectly within her heart, and still suffer so much. She was so sensitive, being so full of grace, and felt things more deeply than any other human being.

I believe this is the heart of the devotion. Mary’s interior crucifixion along side of her son’s physical crucifixion. The more I reflect on it, the more I can work to see and accept my own trials as pathways to grace and salvation, and move beyond them to be joyful in the midst of the storms of life.

Hope and perseverance

Mary’s trail lasted over 30 years, most of her life, and she never wavered. She never denied God anything. She said her complete yes and gave her complete trust. Each trial on its own would be enough suffering for a lifetime.

As her son gave every last drop of his blood, she gave every ounce of her soul.

It gives me so much comfort that she truly understands whatever your trial right now is, and she is more than willing to extend her loving hand to help you in any way God will allow her to do so – and being His mother, when will she ever be denied? And when would she ever not be compassionate or empathetic to a ardent, pleading soul? With hope and trust, under her guidance we will preserve.

She will guide your spirit and bring peace to your family

Her heart was pierced so that the hearts of many would be revealed. Those who pray to Mary under this title will be quickly guided in all areas in their lives. She will show you your sins, comfort you, and show you how to go to overcome them. She will reveal things hidden to you, especially where your children or loved ones are concerned. She will bring peace to your family. She will give you any grace you request as long as it does not interfere with the plans of her divine son.

Here are the devotional meditations  I use. I modified them for my own prayer time.


Here are the two lectures I learned the most from. Yes, another Father Chad. What can I say, he is good! So is Kimberly Hahn. She and her husband Scott have a number of excellent faith resources.

Our Lady of Sorrows – Fr. Chad Ripperger

Our Lady of Sorrows – Kimberly Hahn, Lighthouse media


Here is a devotional from Fatima.org that I found on Our Lady of Sorrows.



5 thoughts on “Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. Francesca, an angel led me to your post here today as I worry and fret over one of my children. I needed to be reminded about things I have long known, yet always forget.
    ….she gave every ounce of her soul. I teared up at this, because only yesterday I told Mother I had given my all, I had nothing left to give. But today, I wonder, have I given every ounce of my soul?
    I think not.
    So, thank you for this, Francesca. God bless you.


    • Oh, you are welcome and thinking of Mary makes me tear up too. As far as children go, I overhead someone give witness to another mom the other day and I think I will always keep this with me: she said when she was worrying about her daughter she prayed for God to take over – she was His daughter first and He knows her better. So does Mary. We can’t give ourselves without them. God bless you and I will keep you on my prayers 🙂


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